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ALECENSA at a glance

All the essential efficacy and tolerability information you need to know in one handy leaflet.


An ALK+ NSCLC support programme built by patients, for patients

Being diagnosed with ALK+ NSCLC can be an emotional rollercoaster, but with help from those who are living with the disease, newly diagnosed patients can make sense of their feelings. 

Younity has been developed in collaboration with patients and draws on their insights, stories and ideas to produce an informative website tailored towards the needs of the ALK+ NSCLC community.

Help your patients with ALK+ NSCLC find strength in Younity

Watch the video to find out more about Younity

ALEX video

A detailed video summary, explaining the study design and key findings from ALEX.

ALEX at a glance

Everything you need to know about this ground-breaking clinical trial.



Download the SmPC from your local regulatory body.